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Here’s Your Instant Palomar Knot Review [VIDEO]

Take 16 seconds and review one of the best knots that we ever used to secure our line: The Palomar knot.

The Palomar knot has been one of the most outstanding knots used by fisherman ever since it was introduced.

Here's a quick and easy 16-second video to use as a reminder of how to tie this great knot and make sure that we get all that we can out of that good line we're using.

Invented back in the 1970s, the Palomar knot has been keeping fish on our line for many years.

Once you have this technique down you may never go back to what you have been using. Once the Palomar knot is tied securely and correctly, it is one of the strongest and most resilient knots you ever use.


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Here’s Your Instant Palomar Knot Review [VIDEO]