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Here’s an Incredibly Intense Pistol Competition [VIDEO]

A pistol competition like this makes your heart thump! 

Robert Vogel and Eric Grauffel might be two of the best pistol competition shooters in the country. In this incredible video, these two go head-to-head, round after round, until one is finally declared the winner.

The victory doesn’t come easy though. As a matter of fact, fractions of seconds made all the difference. 

What you are about to see is just a small taste of what a pistol competition can be like all across the country. Not all are this highly contested, however.

It’s amazing to watch two competitors at the top of their game, regardless of the sport they are in. Could you believe how both men had such similar motions and mannerisms all throughout the competition?

If this round were to repeat, the outcome would probably switch back and forth as many times as they chose to repeat it.

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Here’s an Incredibly Intense Pistol Competition [VIDEO]