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Here’s How You Forge a Rebar Knife Without Power Tools

Forging a rebar knife without power tools can be done and this young man has the skills to show you how!

Blacksmithing is a tried and true art form and those who engage in the craft have a special ability that they can be proud of.

Sharing what they do has never been easier with the advent of the internet and the deep source of knowledge that it holds. Along comes another in the form of a man with some great skill and talent when it comes to working with metal.

This very simple process is explained succinctly and with enough detail to be well understood while creating an ease of mind that anyone could do it. It might not be that easy, but this young man makes it look that way.

Thanks to the BackyardBowyer You Tube channel for sharing this wonderful look at knife forging, the simple and easy way. With everything done the way he described it in the video it seems like he could make anything.

A few questions might be in order such as will that kind of steel hold a knife edge, are there different grades of rebar, and what other types of knives could be made such as a fillet knife? Could you put some kind of custom finish on it like rifle or shotgun barrel dipping?

Whatever your question may be I’m sure he has an answer and by the kind look of the smile on his face I’m guessing that he’d be happy to help!



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Here’s How You Forge a Rebar Knife Without Power Tools