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Here’s How to Stop Hunting Deer and Start Hunting Mature Bucks

Here is how to stop hunting deer in general, and start hunting mature bucks.

Do you have that dream of shooting a big, mature buck every year, but that little spike buck or doe always ends up in the bed of your truck? Have you ever thought of how you are hunting?

There is a major difference between hunting deer and hunting mature bucks. A mature buck is practically a different animal in itself. You need to do a few things differently, starting with these.

1. Be Prepared to Eat Tag Soup

The first thing you need to do when hunting mature bucks is have a different mindset. One of the biggest reasons guys consistently shoot young deer is they don’t have the ability to pass deer. You need to start learning how to pass bucks. You can’t shoot a four-year-old if you shoot a yearling.

Be prepared though, there will be many more years you end up not shooting a buck at all.

2. Hunt Smarter

mature bucks
FB/Hunterra Mapping

Hunting mature bucks requires you to hunt much smarter than if you were just going after any old deer. It’s relatively easy to shoot any deer compared to shooting a mature buck. To hunt smarter, there are a few things you can do to get started.

First off, wind and scent is everything. One thing that you absolutely cannot beat is a mature buck’s nose. Do everything in your power to attempt to control your scent, and play the wind to the best of your ability.

Another way to view this step involves the saying of “hunt smarter, not harder.” There are numerous people that think that they just have to put in the time and it will eventually happen. But when it comes to mature bucks, that’s not always the case.

Don’t pressure bucks by hunting every single day that you can. Instead, pull back on the pressure, and time your hunts more effectively. Hunting less, but having those sits be higher value sits, will increase your chances at a mature buck.

3. Work Hard

mature bucks
Alex Comstock

Yeah, I now I just said hunt smarter, not harder, but that’s not to say you don’t have to put in an effort.

Hunting mature bucks is never going to be an easy thing. Everyone that shoots mature bucks on a consistent basis shares a common trait: they work extremely hard. Every once in a while, a guy gets lucky, but they usually create their own luck with hard work.

If you want to start hunting mature bucks, get ready to put in more work year round, probably more than you’ve ever exerted.

If you want to stop hunting deer and start hunting mature bucks, it will take dedication and a different attitude. The work that will go into it won’t be easy, but the gratitude and the joy at the end of a successful blood trail is incomparable to anything else.

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Here’s How to Stop Hunting Deer and Start Hunting Mature Bucks