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Here’s How I Stopped Catching Panfish and Started Catching Bass

catching bass

If you’re looking to move up in the food chain and start catching bass, here are four things to keep in mind.

If you want to catch different fish, you have to do something different. Catching bass instead of panfish requires a change in approach. Here are four ways to catch more, and bigger, bass.

1. Locations

If you’re already proficiently finding productive panfish locations, you’re on your way to bass fishing success. Those tasty panfish that you love to eat are just as appealing to a bass.

The same general locations invite both types of species. You’ll just have to switch your approach and think like a predator. The area underneath a dock, where the bluegill like to hang out, is one prime example of where bass come to feed.

2. Go Big, but Don’t Go Home

catching bass

Put away your tiny crappie jigs, light rods and live bait. Match the hatch with a lure that is similar in size and appearance to the panfish. It is what they eat, after all.

A good selection of lures is another good idea for bass fishing. The types of cover you’re fishing and all the different weather conditions will affect which lures work best. A good selection of crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters, jigs and soft plastic jigs are what you need to start catching bass.

3. Become a Better Caster

catching bass

This is not to say panfishing doesn’t require casting skill. It’s more about how bass are often deep into cover, far underneath docks and in places where the average cast can’t reach. Practicing techniques like flipping, pitching and skipping docks will make you a better bass angler and ensure that you will be better at catching bass.

4. Keep Moving

If you’re used to anchoring up and fishing all day long, bass fishing might not be your idea of fun. Sure, you can stay on one good spot all day and catch bass, but often, moving until you find them is the best approach. Bass are aggressive species, and moving and covering water will often allow you to catch the most active fish. Once you find them, slow down and try other baits to maximize the area.


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Here’s How I Stopped Catching Panfish and Started Catching Bass