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Here’s How to Stock up on Ammo in Case of a Disaster

Stock up on ammo now and you’ll be ready when disaster strikes.

Whether you’re worried about a longterm failure of the power grid, a government-overthrow SHTF situation, or something less terrifying, but equally depressing to hunters and shooters like an ammo shortage, knowing how to stock up on ammo now will help you be prepared when something bad happens.

Here’s some tips to creating your cache.

1. Buy a little at a time

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Don’t let the idea of building up a huge supply of ammo scare you away from getting started. Buy what you can afford and try (I know this is hard) not to shoot it all up. Consider keeping half of each box you purchase in a separate emergency storage area, then forget about it.

Another good way to build your stash is to set a monthly ammo budget that fits within your family’s overall budget. Buying by the case will stretch your ammo budget farther than purchasing a box at a time. You’ll be surprised how fast $20-40 of ammo per month can add up.

2. Look for deals

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The exception to the “little at a time” rule is when you find a deal that’s too good to pass up. Occasionally you’ll find ammo at a price you’ve never seen and will likely never see again. This is often the result of dealers trying to get rid of an overstocked item or a family member selling off a deceased ammo hoarder’s lifetime collection.

However you come across these great deals, do what you can to scoop them up, even if it means holding off on monthly ammo purchases for a few months.

3. Be generally specific

While it’s a good idea to have ammo on hand for all your firearms, the bulk of your emergency stash should be in common calibers. You never know what will happen in an emergency situation. Your guns could be lost, damaged, or stolen and you might be forced to share ammo with family members, close friends, or neighbors.

Stock up on ammo for the most common firearms (.22 long rifle, 9mm, .223, 30-06, and 12 gauge.) That way, you’ll be ready for any emergency situation you could be faced with.

4. Store it safely

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It does no good to stock up on ammo unless it is in good shape and accessible when you need it. Therefore, proper storage is a must.

Store your emergency stash in hard sided, waterproof containers. If they are equipped with a lock or a place to install a padlock, even better. Split the ammo up into different areas of your home or property in case a part of your home is inaccessible due to emergency situations (i.e. a flooded basement.) Your containers should also be small enough so you can easily move them if necessary.

If your ammo is locked up, make sure every responsible shooter in your family knows the combination or location of the keys (it’s a good idea to have more than one) so that the ammo can be used as needed.

Stock up on ammo and you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that, no matter what happens, your family will be safe and well fed. You’ll be glad you did if you ever need it.



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Here’s How to Stock up on Ammo in Case of a Disaster