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Here’s How to Properly Measure Trophy-Sized Bass


Got a big bass on the line? Learn how to measure it properly with this quick tutorial.

You’re out on the water. All of the sudden, you pull in a trophy bass. It’s a big fish, but you’re not sure of the exact size. That’s when you refer to this simple video for the proper way to measure it.

In a tournament setting, accuracy is everything. One little mistake could be the difference between placing and not placing. Shiny hardware, a new truck, a new boat… or, an empty-handed trip home. Have I got your attention yet?

As you can see, it’s not rocket science. It takes less than a minute to properly measure a big bass. In no time at all, you’ll be an expert at measuring fish.

Hopefully, you’ll have lots of opportunities to measure big bass. After all, that means you’re catching them, right? Maybe you’re so good at measuring, you get roped into measuring other peoples’ catches. Hmm.

In that case, I would recommend a fair trade. Perhaps adult beverages are adequate compensation. (Be sure your measurements aren’t impacted by your beverage intake, though. Those tape measures can get fuzzy after a few cold ones).

Good luck on the water, y’all!


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Here’s How to Properly Measure Trophy-Sized Bass