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Now Here's How to Pick a Perfect Turkey Choke

Turkey Choke

Turkey hunting season is here. Find out how to pick your perfect turkey choke!

With spring turkey hunting season weeks, and in some regions days away, it's imperative to have your gear ready for opening day. One of the most important things to have prepared is your turkey choke selection.

Choosing the right turkey choke could be the difference between a down gobbler and a leftover tag this spring. This YouTube guru does a great job of showing us how to pick a perfect choke. He even teaches us how to properly set up our targets to see which choke is most effective.

Let the turkey choke choosing begin.

This turkey hunter is sighting his shotgun in with Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey Load. You may prefer a different load, but the techniques he uses will remain the same. Remember, the ideal distance to sight your gun in is between 15-35 yds.

Make sure you have the following chokes handy before you start: extra full choke, factory full choke, extra full, and improved modified.

Now get out there and choose your perfect choke.


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Now Here's How to Pick a Perfect Turkey Choke