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How to Fillet a Lionfish, If You Dare

If you are going to fillet a lionfish, you better be careful! 

If you ever get stung by a lionfish, you can expect severe pain for up to 12 hours, possible infection, possible flesh decay, possible paralysis, possible allergic reaction, and many other symptoms that are just too long to list. So then why in the world would anyone want to fillet a lionfish to begin with? Well, the short answer is that they taste delicious!

Luckily, ChangingSeasTV put together this video showing you exactly how to fillet a lionfish as safe as possible to make sure you aren't one of the few with the misfortune of experiencing some of the painful symptoms described above.

This doesn't seem too hard does it? Really, as long you pay just a little bit extra attention during the fillet process, there isn't much risk at all. As he mentioned in the video, you can always get yourself some puncture proof gloves just to be safe.

Lionfish hunting has turned into a fairly popular Florida pastime over the past couple years as this invasive species is spreading fast around those warm southern waters. Now, if you are one of the those with a spear gun and desire for great tasting fish, don't be afraid to serve them up!

If you really want to impress your dinner guests, go ahead and use the spines as a toothpick.



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How to Fillet a Lionfish, If You Dare