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Here’s How to Cook up Some Bluegill Fritters

Bluegill fritters? Yep! Sign us up… 

If you ask us, there just aren’t enough recipes out there that feature panfish. As much of an American staple that bluegill are, finding a variety of recipes to cook them up are out there should be easy, but they can be hard to find! Luckily, we just found a recipe for bluegill fritters that you just might love.

Follow along below. It’s all pretty much laid out step by step so it shouldn’t be too hard to make yourself.

Now that is what we are talking about! It’s been said before that properly cook bluegill can resemble the taste of sweet crab meat. When they are prepared like this, I would tend to agree with that statement.

With a recipe like this, you don’t really need big bluegills to get it done. For the most part, a mess of medium sized fish would work out pretty good too since you are mixing them all up like that anyways.

Eat them on sandwich, or just eat plain with some special sauce on the side, these will be a hit either way. Hopefully you have enough bluegill near you to make this sooner rather than later!



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Here’s How to Cook up Some Bluegill Fritters