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Here’s How to Handle That Lunker Bass You Just Caught [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with that lunker bass after catching it, this will answer all your questions.

So you found yourself out on the water having a good day on your favorite bass lake, and you wondered what to do with those big largemouth bass in your live well?

Well, here’s one of two possibilities.

I know, I know, let go of it already buddy!

Ever since B.A.S.S. was incorporated in 1968, the level of knowledge about one of our favorite fishes has gone through the roof.

It may seem silly to us to watch a simple catch-and-release of some bass, but since we’ve learned to do it, these fish have become bigger, stronger, and much more plentiful!

Just remember this. You and I aren’t the only folks out there who know their regulations, so if you see some nice fisherman taking his sack of bass (the proper size and limit of fish) home for dinner, congratulate him.

The regulations are there to work for everybody.

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Here’s How to Handle That Lunker Bass You Just Caught [VIDEO]