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Here's What You Get When You Mess with a Big Spider

Go ahead and stick your hand out to mess with the big spider on the wall. You'll definitely get what you deserve.

Make your choice: touch that eight-legged freak on the wall, or lick the bottom of your shoe.

Some of us would choose the latter. Well, here is what happens when you get brave and go for the spider.

This might be a common spider where you live, but it's still a big spider!

Would you stick your hand out and go for a handshake with that beast? I actually love spiders, but I'm not invading this guy's personal space.

Try to remember this: arachnids are great for hunting down and eating all those things that try to eat us. Take a closer look at what they catch, and you'll realize how important those big, creepy things are.

Just keep your hands away!


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Here's What You Get When You Mess with a Big Spider