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Here’s a Fully Functioning Semi-Auto 9mm, Made by a 3D Printer [VIDEO]

This guy built a fully functioning 9mm pistol with parts printed by a 3D printer.

Is 3D printing the future of guns? This gun enthusiast made a pistol completely from printed plastic and steel screws. The end result is impressive.

These two videos show the construction of the 3D-printed pistol and how it fires.

First let’s take a look at the 9mm being assembled.

According to the video description, the gun took many trials and errors in order to create a gun that wouldn’t collapse under pressure.

Check out the 3D-printed pistol in action.

The gun itself has a very interesting design with a futuristic feel. As the technology of 3D printing increases so does the marksmanship of 3D guns. Some folks argue that the hardest part of making a 3D-printed gun is finding a blueprint.

Apparently, as of June, you can download directions to print a pistol if a 3D printer has already been purchased.

Will this technology create new regulations for guns? It has in some instances, but it’s hard to tell what the future may hold for creating guns with 3D printers.

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Here’s a Fully Functioning Semi-Auto 9mm, Made by a 3D Printer [VIDEO]