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Here’s How to Fall Back in Love with Traditional Archery [VIDEO]

Facebook/Chip Spaulding

Chip Spaulding loves to shoot.

If Chip Spaulding isn’t shooting or editing footage for Chris Brackett’s Fear No Evil or Arrow Affliction on the Outdoor Channel, he’s got stick and string in hand slinging arrows.

Whether it’s a compound or a traditional bow, the guy loves archery. He’s the only person I know with a foam block in front of his office desk so he can take shooting breaks.

In ‘Traditional Morning’ Chip talks through the different techniques and gear for trad shooting but most importantly, reminds us how fun shooting should be.

Chip said he recorded this video because he was met with so many conflicting mandates about shooting trad “the right way” from archery shop guys when he was getting started. The guidance he received was confusing and squeezed the joy out of the process.

He wants others to have a better experience than he did.

Traditional archery is fun and can remind compound shooters what a blast archery should be! We don’t have to take it or ourselves so seriously that we forget why we started.

Find a technique that works for you and shoot. Others may do it differently, but that’s the beauty of our sport. Now grab your bow and go stack some arrows!

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Here’s How to Fall Back in Love with Traditional Archery [VIDEO]