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Here’s How to Easily Process Your Own Deer This Season [VIDEO]

venison process

Whether you’ve done it before or not, this is a great video tutorial on processing your own deer.

If you’ve never processed your own deer before, it’s surprisingly not all that difficult. There’s very little you can truly “screw up” and this great video from can help you through your first one.

Watch this refresher before bow season arrives, so you’ll be prepared when (note the optimism) you get a deer on the ground.



As you can see, it’s like most things in life. You can make the deer butchering process as difficult or easy as you like. However, following these basic steps should get you well on your way to some fresh venison soon.

First, it really does pay off to purchase or rent a gambrel to hang your deer on. It’s so much easier to work on the butchering process at eye level than hunched over on the ground.

Second, (though it could be a tie for first), make sure your knife is sharp! A dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one when you process wild game, and we would like you to keep as many of your fingers as possible.

Next, just tackle each muscle group in stages, removing roasts, tenderloins, and backstraps. Most of the time, you’re following the muscle lines and it’s actually a pretty intuitive process. Much of the rest can go to burger or stew meat. As we said, if you memorize the main cuts, you can’t really mess the rest up.

Now that you’ve got your own processed meat, be sure to make good use of it. There are plenty of wonderful venison recipes that are worthy of the rich wild game flavor.

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Here’s How to Easily Process Your Own Deer This Season [VIDEO]