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Here's the Deepest Living Fish Ever Found

The previous record for the deepest living fish was just shattered by over 1,000 feet. 

A previously unknown species of fish was just discovered by a team of scientists at a depth of 26,715 feet. The previous record of the deepest living fish, held by a known species of sailfish, was set at 25,272 feet. This new record is well over 1,000 feet farther down in the Mariana Trench, and by best guesses of the researches, a relative to the snailfish, that is well documented at living in crushing depths that very few other species of fish can survive.

According to the original story, this newly discovered species may be a permanent record holders due to the large amount of  trimethylamine oxide (TMAO), that must be present inside these fish to allow their bodies to handle that extreme amount of pressure. The previous record holding species of snailfish can't go below 26,900 feet before being crushed.

Check out this incredible video from SciNews that shows off this amazing discovery.

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Pretty amazing isn't it? With over 90% of our oceans still unexplored, just think of what new species of ocean wildlife could be waiting only a few feet farther than what our researchers can currently see.

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Here's the Deepest Living Fish Ever Found