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Here’s Why Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Slow Down Your Outdoor Activities

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Well, winter’s cold weather is now upon us.

If you’re an outdoorsman in the north, or really anywhere the weather takes a turn this time of year, you’re sometimes urged by the early snow and low, low temps to stay inside and avoid the elements.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you want to spend time in the great outdoors, cold weather shouldn’t be enough to stop you.

Here are ways to keep winter from wrecking your outdoor activities.

Dress in warm layers

Clothing keeps you warm by trapping warm air in pockets against your body. Layers cause more air pockets to form allowing more warm air to be close to your body.

If you sweat you die

There is much truth to this survivalist’s saying. When your clothing is wet, it will not insulate as well. Cotton is a big problem, and if it gets wet, those garments take a long time to dry out.

Those blue jeans of yours should stay home in cold weather. Take off layers or add them to stay comfortable and sweat free.

Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Wool is your friend

Old timers know that wool has no equal. It will keep you warm when even wet. Goose down is also another good insulator, but only when kept dry.

Warm drinks are heavenly

Hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate sure is a treat and a morale booster.

A coffee break during a winter travel
University of Alaska Fairbanks

From the bottom

If you are sitting down, make sure you use a very good insulating chair or seat cushion. Cold buns are never fun.

Get moving

Choose your transportation wisely. Skis are great for long treks. Snowshoes get you in places on top of the snow where skis might get caught in the bushes. A snowmobile is even better.

Canadian Wilderness

Be prepared

Pack emergency gear with you. In your vehicle carry a shovel, warm clothes and a thick blanket. Be prepared for an unknown situation that might strand you.

Alcohol beverages will make you colder. You just might want to save that beer or flask for when you get home.


Treat it the same

Above all else, enjoy the winter landscape around you. A positive outlook will keep your frozen adventure fresh and fun. It sure beats sweating, mud and millions of mosquitoes.


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Here’s Why Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Slow Down Your Outdoor Activities