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Here’s Your Chance to Hunt Gators in Florida [PICS]

Peterson's Hunting

Have you ever wanted to hunt gators in Florida? Here’s your chance. 

Starting on Monday, April 20, outdoorsmen all across America will be eligible to enter a lottery drawing for the state of Florida for a permit to harvest one gator. The price of gator meat has sky rocketed in recent years and so has the price of the hide. However, for most outdoorsmen, being able to hunt gators and check it off their hunting bucket list is award enough.

Game and Fish Mag

Florida has an estimated half a million gators in the state. Despite cries from some for the number of permits issued to harvest gators to increase, the number is set at approximately 5,000. Louisiana, another state famous for gators and with similar numbers, issues over 26,000 tags for gators to be taken out of their state population.

Part of the increase in attention to the Florida gators is in large part due to the price per pound of meat only continuing to increase. Current meat values are estimated to around $12 to $15 per pound and gator hides are worth $12 a centimeter.

If you want to get in on action and roll the dice for your chance to fill your tags and hunt gators in Florida, follow this link.

Good luck!

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Here’s Your Chance to Hunt Gators in Florida [PICS]