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Here’s the Best Camping Gear for Kids We Could Find [PICS]

You will love these camping gear products just as much as your kids will.

Will your kids walk the whole way up the hiking trail? Will they be bored when they get back to the campsite? How will they stay safe?

All of these questions are answered with these camping gear items for kids.

Baby Backpack Carrier

baby backpack carrier

This backpack carrier is for children between six months and four years and up to 40 pounds. It’s great to take your young baby for a hike or a walk around the campground and also for older kids who’d prefer not to take a stroller.

The backpack is lightweight (weighing only 5.1 pounds) and has a retractable canopy to protect your child from the elements.

Rubber Horseshoes


These rubber horseshoes are great to get your kids into the classic campsite game. They are kid safe and very lightweight so it is easy for them to pick up and toss.

The game is for children up to age six and so safe, they can practice inside for their next camping trip.

Piggyback Rider

piggyback rider

This standing child carrier is a one-of-a-kind product great for carrying your older children. It will allow you to carry your children right on your back, but in a more comfortable way than a standard piggyback.

It is lightweight, but heavy duty and great for carrying your kids around the campground, on a hike, at the zoo, sports events, or even theme parks.

Hot Dog Roaster Fishing Pole

hotdog roaster
Cool Camping Gear

Even adults will be jealous when your child rolls up to the fire pit with this roaster. The reel allows for your children to rotate a hotdog or marshmallow around and around for the perfect doneness.

The roasting pole comes with a telescoping rod that allows your child’s food to reach the fire while keeping them at a safe distance.

Tyke Toter

tyke toter

If you love to bring your bike with you to the campground, but always wonder how to cart your child along with you, wonder no more with the Tyke Toter.

This bike seat is a great camping gear item for kids. It is a front mount child bike seat allowing you to keep your eyes on the road as well as your child.

It weighs less than five pounds and is great for kids between the ages of two and five. It has a universal attachment to fit any bicycle and includes a quick-release mechanism to take it off anytime you want.

Children’s Survival Kit

kids survival kit

This survival kit is designed for children 11 years and younger.

Packed into a survival bag is food and water, a means of light and communication, supplies for shelter and warmth, tools such as gloves and a dust mask, and a coloring book and some toys.

If you are thinking of a camping trip with your kids, think about purchasing some camping gear for kids as well.

Some of these products will allow you to easily take your kids of a day hike, a walk, or a bike ride. And the others will create fun and safety.

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Here’s the Best Camping Gear for Kids We Could Find [PICS]