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Here’s the Most Amazing Sniper Shot Ever [VIDEO]

Most Amazing Sniper Shot Ever

In an incredible combination of both skill and luck, this police sniper makes the most amazing sniper shot you’ll ever see, and saves this guy’s life.

This man was either under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or had some serious mental issues (perhaps both). In either case, he was waving a gun around and causing a disturbance in this neighborhood.

It appeared that he was trying to commit “suicide by cop,” but the police wanted to do everything possible to avoid hurting him, yet still prevent him from hurting someone else.

During the standoff, the police called in one of their snipers and used him to defuse the situation. In a stunning turn of events, the sniper manages to make an incredible shot to disarm the suspect without harming him.


Though this sniper connects on this incredible shot at relatively close range ( less than 100 yards), it is still an impressive combination of precision, timing, and luck.

In addition to the great shot that the sniper makes (much better than these yahoos), I’m also quite impressed with the restraint the police officers displayed in this situation.

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Here’s the Most Amazing Sniper Shot Ever [VIDEO]