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Here's How To Actually Control Your Scent

Follow these steps on how to control your scent and help put the odds in your favor this fall.

Trying to fool a creature that has had 3.5 million years of adaptability and evolution to hone its primary defensive weapon against all of it's predators is a fairly challenging task.

However, that is exactly what hunters all across North America do every time they step into the woods to try to harvest a deer. The first, second, and third consideration a hunter has to calculate, if they hope to be successful during their hunt, is to attempt to beat the powerful and all smelling nose of their intended target. The best way for this to happen is to figure out how to actually control your scent.


The two biggest risk factors that a hunter faces when trying to trick the nose of a deer is getting to their stand undetected and staying undetected once in the stand. This is a challenging task for any hunter, especially if they're in a hunting area where there aren't enough stands to go around to constantly stay downwind of the deer. If this is the case for you, there are a few tricks that just might put the odds more in your favor.

First off, watch your path. When walking out to the stand, never travel in a direct path. Try to approach your stand from the downwind side from the area where deer seldom travel. Deer can smell your path for several hours after you pass, and if they detect that you traveled a specific direction, they most definitely will not follow.

Wearing rubber boots can often help if those boots don't already have human scent all over them. Keeping your boots in an air tight container is your best bet when not actively hunting.


The second trick to try, just like your boots, is to keep your camo in an air tight container as well. Only put your camo on when you are ready to leave your truck and enter the field. Never wear your camo home or at any point in the vehicle to or from the woods. Take the time to make this a priority and you will start seeing more deer immediately.

The next step might be just a little obvious, but a lot of hunters don't pay attention to it. Use a cover spray or scent eliminator!
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This year I am going to be using Bucked Scent Eliminator exclusively to help me fill my tags. Bucked Scent Eliminator is a new product on the market that is a biocatalyst, instead of  a masking agent, that is supposed to hide odor. These biocatalysts break down odor causing bacteria in the first place.

In other words, Bucked actually disallows scent and odor to form. I'm still going to pay attention to the above suggestions for hiding my scent, but for the first time, I'm going to trust my hunting season to science.IMG_3660

If you listen to enough hunters talk, you will hear methods that work for one guy that seemingly will not work for another. Staying completely odor free in the woods is almost an impossible task, and we can only control what we can control. Taking precautions in trying to keep your boots and camo as odor free as you can will help out a lot. Watching the path you take could be the difference maker.

Now lets hear about your scent control tips. What do you do to stay odorless in the woods?

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Here's How To Actually Control Your Scent