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Here's a Reason Not to Cross This Guy's Surf Fishing Line


Not all days spent surf fishing are good days.

I'm pretty sure that the saying goes something like "even a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work".

Pretty sure what this guy is about to experience on a surf fishing trip makes a good day at work seem better.

Not so sure that I'd be able to simply walk away after someone decided to break my surf fishing rod over their knee.

Speaking of surf fishing, now is the time to get a buddy and plan a northeast fall fishing trip for monster stripped bass! When the water temps start to fall, you know that it's on for some killer striper fishing out east and the prime place to be is Montauk, NY. Known for the insane schools of stripers during the autumn season, Montauk is home to some of New England's largest caught stripers each year.

To keep an eye on the conditions, check out Montauk-Online's website, it's up to date with surf conditions to fishing reports and will make it much easier to plan your trip out east. There are plenty of affordable hotels nearby and several awesome pubs up and down the coastline for a brew after a long day & night of fishing.

surf fishing
Montauk Surfmasters

Other than packing all of your surf fishing gear, be sure to pack plenty of warm clothes because you could be wading through water with an air temp of 45 degrees or less.

Tight lines!


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Here's a Reason Not to Cross This Guy's Surf Fishing Line