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Here's a Longbow Hog Hunt for Your Viewing Enjoyment

Here's A Longbow Hog Hunt For Your Viewing Enjoyment

Who says you need a compound bow to hunt hogs? This guy in Louisiana made it look really easy during his successful longbow hog hunt. 

The Bayou Bowhunter is at it again, this time with a successful longbow hog hunt down in Louisiana. Last time we heard from him, he had taken a really nice 285-pound boar on foot with his recurve bow. In this video, he was hunting from a tree stand and managed to ambush a good sized sow eating from a bait pile close by.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

Even though he didn't make the greatest shot on the sow, he still found her the next day after trailing her for a couple hundred yards.

Just in case you were interested, he used a 54-pound Zbowstick Longbow and a 190gr Simmons Treeshark broadhead on his successful longbow hog hunt.

That looks like a nice eating hog! Nice work!

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Here's a Longbow Hog Hunt for Your Viewing Enjoyment