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Here’s a Close Look at the Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum Slugs

Do these Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum Slugs live up to the hype?

According to the Brenneke website, these German-manufactured slugs have “[a] massive frontal area, exceptionally hard alloys and distinctive Brenneke weightforward design [that] will penetrate many vehicles, doors, even some walls, putting an end to the threat right here, right now.”

In this video, you can find out whether Taofledermaus, WOS resident shooting video contributor and ammo experimentalist, agrees, or whether that’s just false advertising.

“Since these are supposed to be able to stop a diesel truck… we are a little disappointed with the performance of this slug at this point,” says Jeff around six minutes in, particularly in reference to the accuracy.

They proceed to shoot a smaller engine, noting separation of the gas piston and the main body of the slug. They are not impressed with the accuracy or the damage done by this slug.

As a comparison, they shoot a different slug of a comparable weight (the Dangerous Game DGS12 slug), concluding that the new design of the Brenneke slug does seem to have  manufacturing defect.

If you found this video informative, check out Taufledermaus on Youtube for lots more ammo experimentation.


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Here’s a Close Look at the Brenneke Special Forces Short Magnum Slugs