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Herbivore? Deer Eat Meat and Like It [VIDEO]

A group of guys visiting the Island of Miyajima, Japan want to find out if deer eat meat.

It turns out deer are very opportunistic eaters, because they don’t hesitate one bit.

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Clearly these guys are enjoying the entertainment the deer are providing, and when they’ve finally had their fill of fun, they attempt to trick the deer in hopes that they will leave. They toss a pine cone in the opposite direction, but that didn’t work out too well…

Consumed! You have sinned! You have eaten meat of your kind(ish)!

Sam, you’ve taught him to eat meat, he’s coming for you.

Hey, who doesn’t like a good piece of ham?

Many animals that are deemed an herbivore will eat meat from time to time, though it isn’t a regular part of their diet, it won’t stop them from trying it.

Kind of makes you want to test out what a deer will eat the next time you have a couple curious deer come wandering up to your campsite…

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Herbivore? Deer Eat Meat and Like It [VIDEO]