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Henry’s AR-7 is the Ultimate Survival Rifle to Carry into the Bush

Henry’s super light and compact AR-7 is the ultimate emergency rifle to carry with you into the bush and beyond.

People who spend extensive time in the wilderness often look for items to take that are multi-use, lightweight, and take up minimal space. It often proves difficult to find a firearm that fits this bill, but Henry has the perfect solution with their U.S. Survival AR-7 rifle.

The AR-7 has become a favorite among both the military and civilians alike since it was released in 1959. Its ability to be broken down and stored inside backpacks and compartments without any tools, while still being lightweight and accurate, is nothing short of brilliant engineering.

This semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22 LR only weighs 3.5 pounds and completely stores away inside of its stock. The receiver, barrel, and eight-round magazine all have special slots they fit into. Once stowed away the AR-7 is only 16.5 inches in length.

Assembly is as simple as popping open the stock and sliding out the parts. The receiver attaches to the stock and the barrel is inserted. With one final tightening of a nut on the stock, the rifle is ready to start taking down small game or protect against predators.

While it is hard to improve something near perfection, Henry has made some slight upgrades to the survival rifle to give it a kick into the 21st century.

Henry upgraded the stock from plastic that was prone to cracking over time to a heavier duty thermoplastic polymer (ABS). This also allowed the firearm parts stored inside more shock and water resistance in case of a plane crash or other emergency situation.

They changed around the stock configuration inside to allow the storage of up to three magazines. The stock has slots for two individual eight-round magazines, and they allowed one to be able to stay in the receiver while inside the stock.


To really make sure the AR-7 was well protected from the elements, Henry applied the same ABS polymer as the stock to the barrel, allowing for nearly no corrosion issues. Henry finished off everything with a Teflon coating across the whole gun to ensure even further weather resistance and water protection, even in areas around salt water.

The final adjustment Henry made was adding a groove to the receiver so users can attach a scope to the AR-7 if needed.

The survival rifle is available in two color options: black or Mossy Oak break-up camouflage. Suggested retail price is around $350.


The AR-7 is one of those weapons that has earned its place and respect among many pilots, backpackers, and others who may have to rely on it to survive. The upgrades that Henry has made further solidifies the fact this reliable and capable firearm is perfect for anyone heading out to remote locations.

All photos via Henry Rifles

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Henry’s AR-7 is the Ultimate Survival Rifle to Carry into the Bush