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Henry TV: Why This Gun Maker is All About the Customers

Henry Repeating Arms is placing customer service as number one priority.

Who is behind Henry Repeating Arms gaining so much ground in the firearms industry?

Meet Henry Repeating Arms President Anthony Imperato, and learn how he has brought customer service to a whole new level.


Henry Repeating Arms is famous for many reasons. One reason is these great rifles are all made in the good ole U.S.A. with pride. The pride of making firearms in America for Americans has led to a high level of workmanship to each weapon.

Henry Repeating Arms is a family run company. Anthony Imperato is the company president and was taught at an early age what great customer service is all about from his father and grandfather. He takes great pride in playing a huge part in customer service.

How many other large business CEOs would man the customer service phone number and be able to be contacted directly by email?

Be sure to check out more episodes of Henry TV on their YouTube channel.


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Henry TV: Why This Gun Maker is All About the Customers