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Henry Rifles CEO Says 2016 Has Some Surprises Coming

Mr. Anthony Imperato has been in the firearms industry for many years. With all of his experience, he is leading Henry Repeating Arms into territory where it has never been before.

Branching out to help the shooting community in any way they can, Henry Repeating Arms, helps to teach new shooters about the fundamentals of marksmanship by donating rifles. Henry Arms, is a large contributor to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance. By teaching our youth about the foundations of safety and proper weapons handling, Henry Arms is ensuring that many generations to come will learn on a rifle that is safe and can be trusted.

Henry Repeating Arms, helps in charity events by donating rifles to help those men and women that are in need of assistance. Participating in NRA fundraising campaigns, Henry Repeating Arms, helps to preserve our future as a nation that strongly believes in the 2nd Amendment. By preserving our rights we can always rest assured Henry Repeating Arms, will be there to back us in the political arena.

So where is Anthony taking the company in 2016? Beginning with some new rifles, Henry has released a Henry Big Boy that is light weight using a blued steel receiver. This lighter version of the Big Boy will be welcomed by many hunters who know what it’s like to run in the badlands with a heftier rifle over long distances. Also offered in a carbine version this new Big Boy will be attractive to tactical shooters where stiffer long gun regulations might make it difficult to allow them go purchase a contemporary fighting rifle.

Also featured for 2016 is the Big Boy in a Silver receiver. For those who are looking for a different finish to stand out from the rest, the polished silver receiver will fit the order. Looks are a huge part in the decision making process. If you like how your rifle looks you’re going to carry it.

Henry Rifles is a company focused on 100 percent customer satisfaction. That is a bold statement because Mr. Imperato himself will take take your call and hear your input. He loves his customers and takes pride in their contentment. Henry Repeating Arms is working on releasing some content to help owners utilize their rifles much more efficiently this year.

I asked Anthony if lever action rifles still had a real world application in today’s age of home defense. Anthony said one of his Henry Big Boys in 44 Magnum is sure to handle any problems that come your way.

For those new to lever actions, Henry Repeating Arms has had a huge impact on the firearms industry because they validated the American engineering of the late 19th century. Rifles of today, while very different, don’t offer the craftsmanship that old world rifles offer. Brass, walnut, and octagonal barrels, are quality materials you can’t find in today’s military style weapons.  Pick up a Henry Big Boy, the heft will give you confidence, the looks will give you pride.



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Henry Rifles CEO Says 2016 Has Some Surprises Coming