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Gun Review: Henry Repeating Arms 30-30 Rifles

Via Henry Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms offers two outstanding rifles in 30-30 caliber that will please hunters and shooters alike.

The original Henry Rifle was patented by Benjamin Tyler Henry around 1860. Over 125 years later the Henry Repeating Arms Company became established by the Imperato family as the Henry rifles we know today. 34 years after the original Henry Rifle was introduced, the 30 Winchester Centerfire, or 30-30 cartridge, was released.

Approximately the same amount of time went by from the formation of the Henry Repeating Arms Company to their release of two of their rifles chambered in that caliber. They were worth the wait.

The Henry H009B is a classic-styled rifle with a western look. It features a 20-inch octagon barrel and has a brass colored receiver.

The straight grip stock is made of American walnut with a slight reddish tint to it, and features a brass buttplate. The sights are dovetailed and adjustable. This rifle holds five rounds of 30-30 ammunition and weighs just over eight pounds.

The Henry H009 has a more modern appearance. It features a 20-inch round barrel and the entire rifle has a matte blued finish.

The straight grip stock is nicely checkered and wears a rich, dark finish. The figure on the wood is outstanding and would be considered AAA grade by some firearms manufacturers.

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This rifle also holds five rounds and it weighs seven pounds. Modern, useful features include a soft black recoil pad, sling swivels, an XS Ghost Ring rear sight and a white striped front blade. Both rifles are drilled and tapped for scope mounting.

These two rifles share the same mechanical operation. Henry has incorporated a small trigger tab behind the trigger. This tab prevents accidental trigger manipulating when cycling the action and it prevents the rifle from firing if the action is not closed all the way.

Another benefit is that it keeps the top of the lever loop from touching the bottom strap metal. Other lever action rifles commonly show wear on these parts where they repeatedly touch one another.

Another unique feature of these Henry Repeating Arms rifles is that they load through a magazine tube. The action does not have a loading gate. This loading system does not require cycling live rounds through the action to empty the rifle, making it quicker, easier and safer to unload than rifles with loading gates.


At the shooting club, where we gave it a test, everyone that tried the rifles were impressed with the accuracy, fit and finish. The H009B produced 100-yard, 3-shot groups under 2 inches with a variety of different ammo. The H009 turned in some groups that stayed under 1 and 1/2-inches.

Overall, the accuracy was comparable between the two rifles, with the biggest variable being the individual shooters’ skill level with the different sights.

Over 350 rounds were fired through the H009 and 150 were fired through the H009B, with no malfunctions of any kind. Everyone liked the silky smooth action and ease of operation.

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The H009B had very low felt recoil due to the overall weight and heavy octagon barrel. The H009 is extremely well balanced and a pleasure to carry. It also has a higher stock than traditional rifles, making it easy to acquire the sights quickly.

These rifles are “Made in America or not made at all,” and are supported by the best customer service in the industry. What’s not to like?

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Gun Review: Henry Repeating Arms 30-30 Rifles