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Henry Repeating Arms .22 Lever Action Rifles

Henry Rifles

Henry Repeating Arms has a great selection of high quality lever-acti0n rifles you need to consider.

A combination of great looks, outstanding reliability and competitive price make these rifles popular choices for shooters interested in plinking, shooting or hunting.

Henry lever action rifles are notorious for their super smooth cycling and excellent trigger pull.  The great functionality combines with great quality to make a very accurate rifle too.

American Made Quality

Henry’s promise of “Made in America or not made at all” is already an attractive ideal to a lot of potential gun buyers. The durable, dependable and handsome western-style lever action rifles have an appeal not readily found elsewhere in the rimfire rifle market.

Pick Your Favorite

Henry rimfire rifles are customizable through the addition of large loop levers, scope mounts and replaceable sights. A youth model is also offered. The carbine barrel is a compact 16.25- inch barrel with an overall rifle length of 34 inches and a weight of approximately 5.5 pounds. The rifle barrel length is 18.25 inches with an overall length of 36.25 inches.

The youth model has a reduced stock length of 13 inches making the overall length just 33 inches and the weight a mere 4.5 pounds. Each rifle holds from 12 – 15 rounds of .22 long rifle ammunition (depending on the overall length of the magazine tube).

Photo by Joe Riekers
Joe Riekers

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Henry rifles have American walnut stocks that far exceed other brands in quality, finish and appearance. The wood stocks are fitted with a black plastic butt-plate that features the Henry logo. The rifles have brass magazine tubes and metal, adjustable rear sights.

Another variation of the Henry Repeating Arms .22 rifle is the Frontier model. This rifle features a distinctive octagon barrel with a dovetailed front sight and adjustable rear sight. The heavy-duty octagon barrel is 20 inches long and the magazine tube will hold 21 .22 long rifle cartridges. The receiver is still grooved for a scope. The engraving on the octagon barrel is filled with gold highlighting.

Octagon barrel

All of the Henry rimfire rifles have a hammer safety. That is, there is no safety button, tab or lever. The hammer has a half cock notch and there is a built-in hammer drop safety system. The hammer must be fully cocked to the rear and the trigger simultaneously pulled fully for the gun to fire.

Henry has a simple warranty they stand by. The limited lifetime warranty covers anything that goes wrong with the rifle that is the the fault of the manufacturer. Excessive wear and tear or abuse are not covered.

You can get a free catalog from Henry Rifles to check out all their rifles and accessories at their website Henry Repeating.

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Henry Repeating Arms .22 Lever Action Rifles