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The Henry Mare’s Leg Goes SBR and It’s a Thing of Beauty

The Henry 44MAG SBR Mare’s Leg is a perfect, lightweight powerhouse.

The Henry Big Boy in a shortened 12-inch barrel configuration is the perfect cowboy rifle. I love the compact size of the Henry rifle when configured in the SBR package for a couple of reasons.

The 44 Magnum cartridge still delivers some great ballistics even in the shortened barrel package.


The compact size does reduce weight since most of the heft in this rifle is in the octagonal barrel. The reduced weight will help when carrying the rifle over long distances and maybe even be beneficial if you’re carrying it in a  scabbard.

The octagonal barrel is still more than structurally sound to handle the immense pressure of a 44mag cartridge. At 100 yards (as was tested in the video), the 44 cartridge did exceptionally well even impacting on the same impacts as before. At 250 yards, the cartridge has some considerable bullet drop but that is to be expected when your shooting a pistol cartridge out that far. That is where skilled shooters excel and novice shooters aspire to reach.

So your probably wondering how do you get your hands on this awesome package. The short answer is you can’t. Henry does not make this SBR rifle right of of their product catalog. You would need to order a Mare’s Leg in your preferred cartridge, then you need to add a full-size stock to the configuration. If you read my post on the NFA rules, you will be familiar with the fact that you cannot own a rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches unless you have an SBR tax stamp.

If you live in states like CA, that have an SBR state law you definitely couldn’t own one even if you got a federal SBR tax stamp. For those in free states like AZ or ID, you can definitely get your hands on this package and if your in the market for a shorter rifle that packs a wallop this Henry Mares Leg SBR is the perfect rifle.


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The Henry Mare’s Leg Goes SBR and It’s a Thing of Beauty