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Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt: Do You Even America, Bro

The perfect All American Combo is the Colt 45, and a Henry Big Boy.

Back in the frontier days of the nation, Westerners would often carry a pistol and rifle usually chambered in the same pistol cartridge. The .45 Colt was the trusted caliber for many as the round that would give the most knock down power (think 45acp for today).

The bullet can deliver a wall crushing 1200 foot pounds of energy to the target. With the Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt, the shooter can carry about 10 rounds of these widow makers.

The Western pioneers kept things as simple as possible and they liked to carry as much of one cartridge as possible to feed their firearms. In the case of the .45 Colt, the round was plentiful and was easily accessible by those men and women that were moving westward into unfamiliar territory. The .45 Colt gave them the added feel of protection that they were looking for without feeling like they needed a little extra knockdown power.

The .45 Colt was also capable of delivering about 700 foot pounds of energy from a 6″  revolver that was likely on the cowboys hip. The .45 Colt could always be counted on since it was created back in 1872. Today the .45 Colt can offer even more lethal speeds depending on the construction of the bullet and the rifle from where its fired from.

The octagonal barrel featured on Henry Big Boys is very conducive to the heavier loads and will not let the extra pressure affect the rifle in any way. Grab a Henry and grab a piece of American History. Load it with a .45 Colt and ensure that the history doesn’t disappear.



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Henry Big Boy in .45 Colt: Do You Even America, Bro