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Henry 45-70: 305 Grains at Mach 2 Speeds

Henry Repeating Arms 45-70 delivers lighting speeds with big bore bullets.

The Henry Repeating Arms in 45-70 delivers uncompromising reliability with big bore ammunition. Capable of delivering bullets as light as 300 grains to as high as 500 grains, this rifle can knock anything down in its path.

When hunters and lever action enthusiasts consider the 45-70, its basically because they need serious penetration and expansion. The Henry 45-70 delivers the cartridges via a tube fed magazine and allows 6 rounds to be carried at the ready.

The Henry rifle comes with an octagonal barrel, brass receiver, 5-pound trigger, walnut foregrip and stock, and finished nicely with a brass butt stock plate. I sure hope that the faint of heart don't pick up this rifle because its going to give you quite a ride. Like with anything else that's full bodied, this rifle totally engulfs you with the firing process. The cartridges are unforgiving and so is the recoil, however wiser men know that this isn't your plinking rifle. When the Henry 45-70 comes out, it's because you mean business and are ready to lay the smack down.

Fitted with two sling attachments, I added a 550 paracord sling so that I could comfortably carry mine on the range or also over longer treks. Every good rifle needs a sling to help with standing shots, but the Henry is so well balanced I would feel comfortable taking my shot from the sitting position without a sling. Even in the prone position this rifle is capable of being a solid weapon of opportunity should you need to post yourself in a fighting position.

Being limited to six cartridges can be a bit of a challenge. Consider that shooters using this kind of cartridge and rifle should be specific in their choice of targets. Not every target needs a 45-70 slug to make it ring. Henry does make other smaller rifles that fire smaller cartridges like the .357Magnum or the 30-30 cartridge. The 45-70 is best suited for heavy hoofed game like bison, or even 800-pound-plus Kodiaks. Stay safe, protect your shoulder pockets and keep training.


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Henry 45-70: 305 Grains at Mach 2 Speeds