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The Henry .44-40 is a Blast to Shoot

Henry .44-40

The Henry .44-40, the rifle that you "load on Sunday and shoot all week," is a whole lot of fun, from distances of 100 yards on up to 300.

Eric from the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel has a Henry .44-40 rifle and he's having a boatload of fun at the range with it. He's had the gun for about a year and has put a lot of rounds through it, and today he gives us a rundown as he puts it through its paces.

The first Henry repeater came out in the early 1860s and was, says Eric, Space Age technology for its generation. "This was the most modern rifle in the world at the time," he says.

The rifle loads 13 rounds and one in the chamber. "A man back then that was armed with the Henry, as a soldier," says Eric, "had a fast reloading weapon, he could shoot it fast, he could put down a lot of lead in a very short amount of time. As a military weapon, in its day, the Henry was definitely ahead of its time."

Many of the design elements in the Henry are still used in modern firearms today. He's shooting .44-40 Winchester centerfire cartridges, which are basically centerfire versions of the original .44 rimfire cartridge that the Henry used.

Eric shoots at ranges of 100, 200 and 300 yards. He gets pretty fair accuracy once he knows where to shoot, although he struggles just a little at 300 yards with open sights.

"This sucker gets hot, because you are literally grabbing the barrel when you're supporting the gun," declares Eric. "I'll tell you what, it is such a joy to shoot. Absolutely no recoil... This is just a wicked fun gun to shoot."

"This rifle, in terms of all the different guns that I own, it's one of my favorites in terms of just the nostalgia and, you know, 'cool' factor that goes into it," he says. Shooting the Henry .44-40 has given Eric some ideas for additional videos, including seeing how deadly it is - its killing power - at long ranges.

Stay tuned for those videos to come sometime down the road.

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The Henry .44-40 is a Blast to Shoot