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Helpful, Animated Guides for Camping and Fishing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are some helpful camping tips, in nifty GIF form.

We like to provide readers with actionable information that they can use right away. While many of you are fairly experienced campers, even the most seasoned among us sometimes forget an essential item or two.

Having a comprehensive guide to camping essentials that you can refer to before heading out into the wilderness can literally be a life-saver.

For those who are less experienced campers -- or are considering a camping trip for the first time since they were a Boy Scout --  a list of essential items is even more important. That's why we were excited to find a simple and informative infographic by Personal Creations. In addition to including a 20-item list of essential camping gear, the infographic provides three animated guides, which can help even the most inexperienced beginner learn how to pitch a tent, start a campfire safely, and cast a fishing line.





If you are planning to take some inexperienced campers out on your next fishing trip, this infographic can help give them a sense of what to expect. Hopefully, you can help take the mystery out of tent pitching, so setting up camp can be a bonding experience for everyone involved!

Here's the checklist for items to remember.


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Helpful, Animated Guides for Camping and Fishing [INFOGRAPHIC]