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How to Help Tiny Fish Endure Big Collapses [VIDEO]

When a population of forage fish collapses, it can have harmful consequences to larger aquatic animals, as well as the entire fishing industry.

While populations of the tiny forage fish, including sardines and herring, naturally fluctuate, over-fishing can hasten their collapse. The absence of these important members of the food chain is then detrimental to a variety of species, including tuna, whales, birds, and seals that feed on them.

Population collapses also negatively impact the fishing industry. According to a 2014 Pew study, however, temporarily halting fishing operations when the population reaches a critical level can prevent population collapse and have a negligible impact on fishing profits.

Watch the following video to learn more details of the study and how we can help conserve forage fish populations.

Like much conservation, it almost seems too easy to make a positive impact, but will we listen?

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How to Help Tiny Fish Endure Big Collapses [VIDEO]