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Help Make ConnectScale a Reality Through IndieGOGO [VIDEO]


Support the ConnectScale IndieGOGO campaign and help make this new product a reality.

The ConnectScale is an ambitious new approach to traditional fish weighing methods. Instead of wasting time while fishing to write down fish weights and other important data, the ConnectScale will do all of that for you and leave you with more time for actual fishing.

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Via Bluetooth technology and a downloadable app available for a wide variety of mobile devices, this scale automatically transmits fishing data to your own personal account. The days of forgetting just how much your catch weighed will be a thing of the past with this fishing scale of the future.


By supporting the ConnectScale IndieGOGO campaign, you can help to make this versatile new product widely available. You will also get your very own ConnectScale for up to 35 percent off the MSRP. You just can’t beat that.

My hope is to provide an innovative product that both professional and recreational anglers alike can use to capture catch data that will ultimately improve their fishing results. –  Ben Arnold (founder)

The ConnectScale IndieGOGO campaign will run through April 17, 2015. Head on over to the campaign page to learn more and to claim your own ConnectScale today!

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Help Make ConnectScale a Reality Through IndieGOGO [VIDEO]