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Help Jim Shockey Catch the Thieves Who Stole His Father's Guns

Facebook/Jim Shockey

Over the weekend, thieves broke into Jim Shockey's home and stole treasured family firearms while inside.

Near Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, the Shockey ranch was ransacked viciously.

Eva Shockey-Brent appealed to her Instagram community three days ago for helping in catching the thieves.

Her caption reads:

Please read - very important to our family! Please help us. My grandfather's guns were stolen last week and we are asking for your help to find these guns, which obviously have great sentimental value, returned to our family.

Last Sunday, thieves broke into our family ranch house near Saskatoon and stole our (white) Cannon Safe which contained all my grandfather's guns.

There were more than two thieves, as they literally loaded the entire safe onto a truck or trailer, along with our washer and dryer, television, stereo, 20-Stealthcam trail cameras, aluminum ladders and all my grandfather's personal tools.

They ransacked our family ranch house, looking for valuables and I suspect they have spent the last week trying to break into the safe.

Somebody reading this right now, in the Saskatchewan, Alberta or Manitoba area, knows who did this, or for sure someone who is reading this right now knows someone who knows the people who did this.

This picture is of one of my grandfather's rifles that was stolen. It was his personal big game rifle that he bought in 1954. It was a Model 788 Remington in .270 Win caliber and had an Austrian 4X scope mounted on it.

We are offering a reward for the return of my grandfather's firearms and arrest and conviction of these criminals.

If you have information, please contact: RCMP at 306-975-1670 

The items stolen from the Shockey residence include Jim Shockey's father's guns, and the safe they were in, a stereo, 20 Stealthcam trail cams, a television, tools, ladders, and surprisingly, a washer and dryer set.

Breaking into Jim Shockey's house is like sticking your hand into a honey comb. You know there's some sweet stuff in there, but the residents are tough and undoubtedly armed. The thieves haven't been caught yet, but with the high profile nature of their lot of stolen goods and obvious lack of common sense, it shouldn't take long before they're busted.

One of the guns stolen was Jim's Shockey's dad's Remington Model 788 chambered in .270 with an Austrian scope on it. If you come across a gun that matches those specs in a pawn shop or online, chances are the rest of the cache isn't too far away.

Jim is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the criminals. If you know anything that may help solve the case, you're encouraged to contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 306-975-1670. Residents in the Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Alberta provinces are encouraged to keep an eye out for these items showing up.

Let's tighten the circle on these guys and send a message that the hunting community looks after our own.

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Help Jim Shockey Catch the Thieves Who Stole His Father's Guns