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Help a Disabled Hunter Get Back in the Woods


We all take hunting for granted. Imagine if it all changed for you tomorrow. 

Kevin Winship, on the left in the photo, is your typical all-American outdoorsman. Growing up in Illinois, he spent most of his life hunting, fishing, and just pretty much spending as much time as he could being in the outdoors. As a matter of fact, he loved the outdoors so much, he went to college for it.

After graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in 1985 with a degree in Wildlife Management, he was well on his way. Winship eventually found his way to working as a biologist for an engineering consulting firm handling environmental impact statements.


This all changed on November 10th, 2004. Winship was involved in an accidental fall that resulted in the left half of his body being paralyzed. He can still get around on his own, but being a disabled hunter has made hunting pretty much impossible.

This is where we outdoorsmen come in. The Winship family has created a GoFundMe page for Kevin. Their goal is to raise $11,000 for an Action Trackchair. Not only will this tank of a chair allow him to do many things that he used to do on his own, but he will also be able to get back in the woods and be the hunter he used to be.

Action Trackchair

Unfortunately for the Winships, their insurance doesn't cover mobility aids that are designed to be used out of the home.

So here's the deal. As of today, only $900 has been raised to their goal of $11,000 to get an Action Trackchair for Kevin. If you are reading this, donate to the Kevin Winship Go Fund Me Page and help. If you want to do more, that's great. Donate whatever is comfortable for you. If we all just donate the cost of a grunt call, Kevin could be hunting by the end of this season.

We did get permission from Kevin to create this article on his behalf. As he wrote me in an e-mail, he fully appreciates anything anyone can do to help him get back to the woods.

If you can't donate, please hit the share button at the top of this article and re-post this so others can see it too.


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Help a Disabled Hunter Get Back in the Woods