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The Flying Asian Carp Video That Started It All

Strap in for the original Asian carp video, but watch your head.

Although they are a threat to the native fish of the Great Lakes, the Asian Carp in this video uploaded to YouTube by J Bood are pretty hilarious.

And to think, this was uploaded in 2010.

From the YouTube video’s description:

My brother, nephews and a friend go “fishing” down a small drainage ditch sometime during the summer of ’10 near the flooded Spoon River in West Central Illinois, USA.

Upon their return home, they counted 70+ 5-10lb. Asian Carp that had landed in the boat.. The funniest part, is that Matthew, my youngest nephew, is curled up in the fetal position in the front of the boat the entire time, and you never see him! Also it is absolutely infinitely more hilarious when viewed in slow motion.

When startled, these fish jump out of the water and can actually knock someone out if they’re not careful.

Asian Carp, from Southesast Asia, thrive in the Great Lakes environment because of the similarity of water temperature to their original location. The National Wildlife Federation estimates at least 22 rivers in the United States that would be suitable spawning habitats for these carp.


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The Flying Asian Carp Video That Started It All