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Hello 911, My Buck Has Been Stolen


After a successful hunt, a group of hunters were shocked when they discovered that their buck had been stolen.

Thinking that they had been the victims of a prank, a hunting party in Millwood Township, Minn. were understandably caught off-guard when they discovered one of their harvested bucks was missing. They had hoisted the buck for cleaning when they departed for a short time. After their return they presumed that the joke was on them, noticing the buck was gone. It didn't take long before they put two and two together; their deer was stolen.

The hunters called 911 and reported their incident. Fortunately, they had seen a silver car with a similar looking buck as the one they'd downed earlier tied to the top. The hunter who tagged the deer also tied a latex glove to one foot of the deer, which was noticed. Once the dots were all connected, the Stearns County Sheriff's Department was able to resolve the matter. The news release stated:

The driver of the silver car admitted that he had been hunting and wasn't successful so when he saw the deer hanging from the tree he decided to cut one down and take it.

The deer thief was not arrested. Once the value of the deer is properly assessed the case will be handed over to the Stearn's County attorney's office for further review and potential charges.

In the end, the hunter who shot and tagged the buck got his buck rightfully returned.


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Hello 911, My Buck Has Been Stolen