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Helicopter Feral Hog Hunting Looks Like A Lot Of Fun [VIDEO]

Looking for your next vacation activity? How about helicopter feral hog hunting?

HeliBacon in Houston, Texas is offering helicopter feral hog hunting trips in Texas's Gulf Coast region, where feral pigs are running rampant.

Participants use AR-15's with unlimited ammo to shoot feral pigs from a helicopter over swine-infested woods and fields.

The practice is called "herd depridation," and was legalized just a few years ago as a means to reduce feral hog populations. The trips cost $750, and include a safety training course the night before the hunt and a Texas barbecue. The popular gun blog, The Truth About Guns, also reported that HeliBacon plans to offer grenade launchers to clients in the future. Awesome.

Here's a video demonstration of HeliBacon's helicopter feral hog hunting trips.

Interested in signing up? Check out HeliBacon's site for more info.

We reported earlier today about how New York state is using federal sharpshooters to track and kill pigs from helicopters. Helicopters are perhaps the most effective way to hunt feral pigs, as they can be difficult to hunt on foot.

Feral pigs are running rampant throughout the US destroying crops, landscaping and livestock. To combat the problem, both the Federal government and many state governments have allowed hunters to kills feral pigs on site and year round.

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Helicopter Feral Hog Hunting Looks Like A Lot Of Fun [VIDEO]