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Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun: Gimmick or Gold? [VIDEO]

Is the Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun just another gimmick self-defense handgun, or is it a good choice for concealed carry? Decide for yourself.

Firearm manufacturers are always trying to come up with new designs, and introducing new models to their lines. However, they don't always turn out to be very practical.

This pocket shotgun might just be one of those misfires.

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Similar to the Taurus Judge line of handguns, the Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun is capable of firing both .410 GA shotgun shells and .45 Colt ammunition. However, the major weakness of the Heizer model is that it is only a single-shot handgun. This makes follow-up shots in dangerous situations almost impossible to fire successfully.

The Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun has an attractive design and looks like a lot of fun to shoot at the range. However, it might not make a practical concealed-carry weapon and may just be a fun range toy instead. There's nothing wrong with that, but a good self-defense weapon this gun does not make.

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Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun: Gimmick or Gold? [VIDEO]