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Have a Heavy Metal Christmas Shooting Tuned Steel Targets [VIDEO]

Take an AR-22 upper and some tuned steel targets, and make some holiday music!

The Christmas season: No other time of year can touch people so deeply. Well, except maybe the start of fishing season and hunting season. The smells of roasted nuts and cookies baking, the sight of all the lights and the trees decorated with care, the smile on a child as he opens a gift, all just warm the soul. The softness of a snowflake as it lands on your nose and  the taste of eggnog or hot chocolate make the holidays special.

And, of course, the sounds. The sound of paper ripping and crinkling. The sound of joyous laughter and squeals of surprise. The sounds of carols being sung and music playing.

Sports commentator and 3-gunner for 3-Gun Nation, Patrick E Kelley brings us a new twist on a classic Christmas carol.

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For some, the sound of gunshots is music and to others, it's not.

But when you use tuned steel plates, you can make beautiful music for everyone.


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Have a Heavy Metal Christmas Shooting Tuned Steel Targets [VIDEO]