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Heavy-Duty Texas Deer Hunting [VIDEO]

They say everything is bigger in Texas. One thing is for sure, there is certainly some heavy-duty Texas deer hunting going on.

Glenn and Michelle Guess have five kids and all of them have been raised up on heavy-duty Texas deer hunting. They have some amazing deer and it looks like they have done a great job of raising up their children to be well-trained, respectful hunters.

Check out this compilation of some heavy-duty Texas deer hunting kill shots that the Guess family has put together for our viewing pleasure.

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You can see that heavy-duty Texas deer hunting really is a way of life for the Guess family, just like thousands of other families who live in Texas and all over the world. Take this awesome video as inspiration to take a kid hunting this season.

There is nothing like hearing a young child say something like, “Jiminy Christmas” after downing a monster buck.

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Heavy-Duty Texas Deer Hunting [VIDEO]