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This Is the Heaviest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught with a Fly


The word is in: The heaviest freshwater fish ever taken with fly tackle is this massive arapaima from Guyana.

The new IGFA all-tackle world record for compliant fly tackle is a huge arapaima from the jungles of Guyana.

In early February 2015, fly fisherman Richard Hart laid a streamer pattern in the current, and this monster accepted his offering.

After a brief 30-minute battle, the huge fish was done in.

The angler and his local guides had the heavy brute in their hands, so they worked quickly to secure a basic pulley system to a tree using heavy rope and a sling.

It’s obvious Hart was prepared for the possibility of tallying such a beast, as he had an IGFA-certified scale.

They laid the fish in the sling and recorded the official weight: 415 pounds or 188.46 kg. The previous record arapaima was set at 339 pounds, 8 ounces.

Hart now owns the arapaima record, and his catch holds the world record for heaviest freshwater fish taken on fly tackle.

To get an idea of the size of his fish, look at the photo. Hart is on the left and is 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds.

The best part of the story: Hart and his guides were able to successfully release the behemoth back into the river to swim again.

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This Is the Heaviest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught with a Fly