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The Most Heart-Stopping Fly Fishing Footage You Will Ever Watch

Watch these fly fishermen wade for giant trevally in The Seychelles. It is more extreme than you think. 

I’ll be the first to admit, I am NOT the fly fishing guy, but this definitely falls into the realm of extreme angling. This group of fly fishermen traveled to The Seychelles island chain, which is composed of over 150 smaller islands and is 1,000 miles off the coast of Southeastern Africa. It is rumored that this is one of the most remote (if not the most remote) saltwater fishing locations on earth, and the price tag to embark on this journey reflects that.

But the privileged few who have the expendable income and time to travel to this oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean are treated to surreal scenery and practically virgin angling paradise. In this particular video, “Gangsters of the Flats,” the group of anglers is targeting giant trevally, otherwise known as “GTs.”

Giant trevally are the largest species in the jack family, and are known for their insane speed and topwater strikes. And weighing in at up to 200 pounds, their pulling power pound-for-pound is among the top in the world.

In the video you can see strike after strike from these amazingly powerful fish, many strikes coming just a few feet from where the anglers are standing, and all of the strikes coming in shallow water. The fact that these anglers are out there getting these incredible strikes and landing these fish on fly gear is nothing short of miraculous.

Giant trevally are pretty much the piranhas of the sea; they like to move around in packs, viciously attacking anything moving in their paths. They make runs like runaway freight trains, and as you can see in the video, even the “small” GTs are pushing the anglers’ fly gear to the limits.

Definitely going to have to mark this one down on the fishing bucket list for sometime in the future. And being that the island chain is so far from civilization and easy access, it is pretty certain that this tropical fishing utopia will be kept quite pristine for decades to come.


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The Most Heart-Stopping Fly Fishing Footage You Will Ever Watch