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Did You Hear About the Giant Sinkhole on an Oregon Highway?

Watch footage of an Oregon sinkhole that destroyed an entire highway.

A massive sinkhole recently ripped out most of highway 101 in Harbor, Oregon. In addition to the larger sinkhole that ripped out a two lane highway, a smaller sink hole opened up and took out a large portion of a parking lot and two lanes of another highway.

Fortunately as the sinkhole gave way nobody was present on the highway and no injuries were reported from the scene. This sinkhole first began to appear after heavy rains in late December, but didn’t fully give way until the last few days of January.

This recent video gives a good indication of the size of the sinkhole.

Sinkholes occur when bedrock has been dissolved or eroded by water. Eventually the water creates a cavern beneath the ground and the weight of the land above becomes too much for the ground to hold, and it collapses.

Officials anticipate the highway closure to last upwards of eight weeks.

Sinkholes are not a rare occurrence in this part of the country with one spokesman saying, “It’s a road built in a place where Mother Nature never intended for there to be a road.”


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Did You Hear About the Giant Sinkhole on an Oregon Highway?