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Headshots Will Ensure You Don’t Ruin the Breast Meat


As you hit the turkey woods this spring, use headshots to make sure you don’t ruin the breast meat. 

One of the biggest issues people have with bow hunting for turkey is that they think they’ll ruin the breast meat.

While it is a possibility that while shooting for the vitals you can miss and with some of the expanding broadheads out there you can do some massive damage to the breast meat, there is something you can do to ensure that it doesn’t happen: headshots.

Headshots are an amazing way to make sure that not only can you ensure that you don’t ruin your breast meat.

There are a number of different broadheads out there created specifically for headshots, but with enough practice, pretty much any headshot will do.

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Headshots Will Ensure You Don’t Ruin the Breast Meat