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Headshots vs. Heartshots: Dove Hunting with an Airgun [VIDEO]

There is a never-ending debate among airgun hunters. Should you go for a headshot or a heartshot?

Property owners in South Africa asked airgun hunting expert Matt Dubber to help thin out the population of turtle doves, which was out of control on their land.

Check out the video for a slow motion, shot by shot discussion of the two types of shots.

Dubber said this question wouldn’t even be up for debate in the U.S., where airguns are more powerful. In other countries, like the U.K., airgun power is limited, so the question remains.

He took a 12 ft/lb Air Arms S410 TDR out dove hunting and filmed the difference between a headshot and a heartshot in small game.

Dubber made a few points about headshots first. With headshots, you’re obviously aiming for a smaller target and it’s easy to miss. You can usually hit the neck, which is just as lethal, if you miss the head entirely. He said if you manage to get a headshot, you are assured the bird is dead and not just injured.

He then demonstrated what he called a “vitals body shot,” because he didn’t just aim for the heart. He aimed for other vital organs and the spine.

You’ve seen the evidence. What do you think: headshot or heartshot?

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Headshots vs. Heartshots: Dove Hunting with an Airgun [VIDEO]